5 Ways An Asset Recovery Specialist Can Help You Recover Lost Funds
5 Ways An Asset Recovery Specialist Can Help You Recover Lost Funds

5 Ways An Asset Recovery Specialist Can Help You Recover Lost Funds

February 27, 2023

Why should you choose an Asset Recovery Atlanta specialist? Hire an Asset Recovery Specialist to help you find your own company’s lost money. Or, to handle refunds on your behalf for money spent or reported incorrectly. To begin with, there are countless state and local reporting jurisdictions. That may be in possession of recovered objects, and each of these jurisdictions may have its own recovery methods. 

Asset Recovery Atlanta is familiar with the challenges that arise from unclaimed property recovery. So, they can help you navigate and manage the claims and/or reimbursement process effectively. We customize and streamline the procedure for each firm. Specialists in recovering unclaimed property are masters at finding and classifying company assets. They know where to look for pockets of hidden assets, maintain sophisticated databases, and cultivate relationships with various jurisdictions. 

What Exactly Is Asset Recovery?

Thousands of people go about their daily lives unaware that they have lost or unclaimed property. When a person neglects to update their contact information with a financial institution or organization, assets that come from sources like bank accounts, shares, insurance policies, and inheritances might become lost. When the legitimate owner loses sight of the assets to which they are entitled to money or estates, assets may also go unclaimed.

Top 5 Ways an Asset Recovery Specialist Can Help You Recover Lost Funds

Asset Recovery Atlanta maintains complex matrices that track and monitor constantly evolving unclaimed property legislation and regulatory activity across all jurisdictions. Our specialists are also aware of the difficulties in reclaiming property for businesses that have gone through mergers, acquisitions, or bankruptcy.

Finding Resources and Parties Owed Assets or Money (Parties of Interest)

The highly skilled personnel and proprietary software of Asset Recovery Atlanta uncover dormant assets and unclaimed monies from a variety of sources. Finding the company’s work group evaluates a large number of private and public records to identify the parties, organizations, people, and estates that are entitled to the assets or monies.

Finding Potential Customers

Our highly skilled Asset Recovery Atlanta team of skip tracers, private investigators, and research specialists use every resource at their disposal to find our clients. In order to locate our clients, we have even gone through the doors of relatives and old neighbors in addition to using a number of subscription databases and online public record databases. This is the most expensive and time-consuming step in the rehabilitation process, and it can take from a few months to several years.

Contacting The Claims Manager

One of our claims managers is given responsibility for each prospective customer. The designated claims manager makes contact with the interested party and decides how to make the most of the available money. The claims manager subsequently drafts a straightforward contingency agreement explaining the details of the deal.

Submitting Claims And Quality Check

Documents are then sent to the client by our claims processors, who also make arrangements for our party of interest to sign them and return them to Oasis Recovery Services afterward.

Paperwork is done by our claims processing division. The claim package is put together and put through quality control. Before being filed with the owner of the assets or funds, it goes through two more quality control levels.

Document Preparation And Follow-up After Filing A Claim And Tracking

If you decide to work with Asset Recovery Atlanta, our team of claims processors will create all affidavits, declarations, pleadings, and other paperwork needed to prove your ownership of the assets or money.

We receive all contact and inquiries from the asset holders from our claims processing staff. They also make sure that we meet all deadlines. Asset Recovery Atlanta manages every step of the procedure and pays all costs in the unlikely event that outside legal aid is needed to collect money.

Claim Determination And Payment

When the asset holder accepts your claim, we’ll let you know. Asset Recovery Atlanta will send you a check along with a final accounting and customer survey.

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